A cool article about LUNCH BREAK! "Lunch Break is one of the 10 New Must-See Comedies on Internet TV!"  Click the link if ya feel like it.

We have some sweet news! What do shows like BREAKING BAD, TRUE BLOOD, BIG BANG THEORY, MTV's AWKWARD, MODERN FAMILY, WEEDS, and LUNCH BREAK have in common? Lunch Break is now a part of Sidereel TV! What is SideReel? You can be like the other 14 million monthly viewers who use SideReel to help you find places to watch TV shows online as well as track all of your favorite series. SideReel also has the latest TV news and reviews, plus the chance to join in discussions about your favorite shows. So if you want to watch shows like PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, GLEE, or basically any big show (AND Lunch Break) that you want to catch on-line - then this is the place!

Lunch Breakers! Our show got a pretty cool review from a site called Web Series Suck? The review made us smile. However, this site is very brutal towards web series and it can be hard to come out unscathed. We were lucky. Maybe because we have the best cast and crew. :)

Here's a pretty neat article about the show and how it raises a red flag for cubicle warriors everywhere and the disgruntled work force!

Such a great review of the show from PLACEVINE!  THANK YOU!!!

Whoa!  Check out this HUGE story about Lunch Break and how they connect it to five teen media crazes!

We Love Soaps thinks you should give a shit about LB!

"If I had to choose just one Indie-world event from the upcoming week to give-a-shit about, and tell all of you to give-a-shit about, this week it would be the launch of the raunch in the Swisher Bros. new serial LUNCH BREAK." -- Kevin Mulcahy Jr from We Love Soaps

Click the link to read why Kevin thinks you should give a shit!